Sunday, November 1, 2009

66 days of gratitude on the wall...

sweet hallows eve
brings out the
true nature
in all of us

the veil lifts
and we walk
side by side
with those
the other side

all facets
a possibility

those which
the children
chose to put
on display for
this night?

my prince
'the real kind.
the kind who
fight for their country'.

fierce warrior

and gentle giant

and the peanut?
a witch

'a good witch,
but i LOOK
like a bad witch'.

i can't imagine
where she gets

she doesn't look
so bad to me

at the
last minute
she asked
if she could wear
cat ears

happy happy


  1. Beautiful, beautiful.
    I feel better, knowing these two are waiting in the wings. I feel lucky, knowing them even as I do.

  2. The boys with their weapons, and the girls with last minute wardrobe changes. Just like at my house.

  3. Ahhh--those photos, that text, it's all so fantastic. I love your unique posts, Adrienne. They are just inimitable.