Saturday, September 26, 2009

78 days of gratitude on the wall...

what a piece of work is man
how noble in reason
how infinite in faculty
in form and moving
how express and admirable
in action how like an angel
in apprehension how like a god
the beauty of the world
the paragon of animals...

this is where
hamlet and i
part ways

there are times when
the human spirit touches me
in so deep a place
that although i know i shall
return to dust

i cannot believe us to be
the quintessence of dust
and 'man'
delights me so

have you seen
if you haven't
bear witness to

le coup

phillipe petit
weaves a spider's web
between those towers
walks on a cloud

afterward he said
when i see three oranges i juggle
when I see two towers i walk

and when i saw
phillipe walk

i sewed

petite philippe

and in honor of
the woman who walked
by his side

petite annie

may we all
wake to our dream
walk on a cloud


  1. Oh Adrienne. And today my hands touched something your hands have touched and I, oh. I was moved.
    You are an artist, a poet, and your art is poetry and your poetry is art.
    I do not have the words to thank-you. But I thank-you. Your spirit is nestled right next to my backbone and thus, you walk with me.

  2. Oh, yes. I saw this movie when it came out and I absolutely adored it. You should also check out the children's book called The Man Who Walked Between the Towers. It's gorgeous. And so is your art!

  3. Good one on gratitude and it helps a lot.

    Karim - Mind Power

  4. Beautiful work. And I loved that you were inspired by a daredevil. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  5. deep felt thanks to you all for your kind words.

    karim, your link seems to be broken. how can i find you?

    tears, ms moon.

  6. Didn't see it. Rented the dvd and my husband fell asleep before the movie, and I had to return it. Now for sure I will rent it again.

    You made those two dolls? That's absolutely spectacular work! I love them more than I can say!
    (Check out the little box with Voltaire's quote in my blog sidebar. I just linked this post there.)

  7. I have seen Man on Wire - astounding. And are an artist with your words, indeed.

  8. wow that trailer- I am already in tears. I don't know if I could watch the entire film!

    how very inspiring and your work that came out of it- I love it. You are a talent.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, so glad I clikced over to your space.

    be well,