Tuesday, September 8, 2009

82 days of gratitude on the wall...

this morning
i expected to sign in
and find
post after post...


i lie

i expected to find at least
one post about
van jones

but, nothing
perhaps i'm not turning over
the right stones

yes, ms moon
i'm afraid

but what i find chilling
is that a man whom
i believe to be
strong, good, progressive

was chased out from the
White House
by a pack of torch wielding

and the
present administration
said little more than
fare thee well

if even

the numbers of soldiers
in afganistan

u.s. drones assasinate
in pakistan

we don't even have the
to dirty our hands
taking their lives

tell me again...
who is the president?

i woke up
heard 30 seconds of
morning news

i don't know

i thought i would find
coming through the wires

i found this

and smiled
and deep

not only are you
but you actually would have
others listen, too

gratitude for laura
my neighbor
my friend


  1. I am wondering too about Van Jones. It's so weird. I honestly thought that Obama would be allowed some time to try for the change we voted for before he caved and began that drive on the big flat pathway of the-way-it's-always-been-done. It's discouraging.
    But maybe it's just a very slow climb. Maybe.

  2. oh ms moon...the analysts, activists, journalists for whom i have the most respect, those who strike me as truly progressive, seem to believe he his an eloquent, intelligent, charming repackaging of the same policies this country has been upholding for the last 40 or so years.

    breaks my heart, because i DO want to be excited about an articulate man, an educated man, a black man as the leader of this powerful (if it still is?) country.

    but when i look at where energy, money, time has gone in these last 8 months...

    the auto industry, wall street, the military; what has truly changed other than those of us who find bad grammar to be like nails on a chalkboard and those of us who want to feel comfortable with our comforts and justified in our over-privilege can sleep a little better at night?

    i'm sorry to say it, because i had begun to hope.

    i think racism might be getting the best of all of us; i've heard so much talk about obama being a radical, liberal, socialist, leftist, or progressive...but i wonder, if we believe these things, in part, BECAUSE he is black. not because of anything he has done in the recent past.

  3. I obviously am behind on the news. I hadn't heard about this until reading it here.

  4. just happenstanced upon your site through maggies...i love the way your posts are written!

  5. Check out my post today -- I put up Bill Maher's piece. He refers to Van Jones and that whole "incident." I confess to knowing nothing about it and now find is un-f'ing-believable. Strange days indeed.

  6. I have no clue who this Van Jones guy is. I guess I need to start doing my homework a little. I guess being a mom of three little boys keeps me out of the loop.