Tuesday, July 21, 2009

100 days of gratitude on the wall...

an apology

i started blogging with a bang
then lost sight of reGENERATIONs

and scrambled into my cave of depression
alienating those who have lent their support
now i crawl out

i am trying
it is work
even more than that
it is ugly work

today on a search for costume inspiration
i ran into this lady
with due respect
i bite her idea

my next 100 posts will be about

i admit
i do this Kicking and Screaming

the beauty of the technology is
no one will have to see my flailing
or hear my keening

perhaps some will get to know the lightness
as impassioned as the dark within me

after 100 posts
i will regenerate the lost limbs

my first pearl...

i am grateful
someone who makes me smile
and loves all of me across seven mountaintops

leaves presently
to the land of her (my)

safe travels, ms moon


  1. ahhhhhhhh..I see now...should have known.
    very clever grasshopper. very clever.

  2. laura..was it my new profile and hairdo that finally gave me away? because everyone else tripped over my fat ass a week ago...hee

  3. Sweet, sweet lady. I would love you over seventy-times-seventy mountains.
    And I will be thinking of you as I walk down those streets, as I slip into that water, as I jingle with my bracelets, as I smile into the moonlight.
    I will be sharing the land of our dreams, somehow, and I am grateful for you.