Tuesday, July 21, 2009

corner view wednesday vs 99 days of gratitude on the wall...

corner view: weekend evenings
make me grateful for brooklyn

river's edge birthday parties
faeries of a certain age
upcycling wings

singing dancing
brown ladies

a new brick oven pizza place
beautiful vintage everything
and beautiful warm-hearted
candle lit yards

happy vibrant children
running through unleashed sprinklers
the bainbridge between stuyvesant and malcolm x
block party is on y'all

for my corner
in brooklyn

for more cornerviews
visit jane


  1. Such different lives and yet, one heart.

  2. my life wasn't always brooklyn...i never ran through sprinklers as a child, and as an adult there have been lakes and ponds and oceans.

    just read your 'beautiful mess' post. explains a lot. i am a weeper for the human family, a crazy creative as well as you, ms. moon.

    perhaps i will learn to deal with depression displaying the same sort of grace we all see in you.

    may it be so

  3. For some reason kids are just naturally drawn to water... and I love to see them playing in it. Great!

  4. A touching, real post. Great job.

  5. Read your comments at Maggie's blog and came by. I like it here. Lots. I also like Brooklyn lots and hope to visit it again one day. One of my cousins has a grown son living there...an actor in the City.

  6. I remember running through sprinklers when I was small. Now my kids love it. Brooklyn must be one of the top corners in the world?

  7. thanks, all! great to be posting again.

  8. Oh there you are, baby. I've missed you.

    And you're still on my short list of evacuation possiblities, though insha'Allah that need not happen this year.

    Good tacos on Magazine? Maybe I gave up on my search too soon (though I'm not a big Magazine fan - I'm a downtown girl). All the places I tried there were less than good.

    Your avatar pic is so incredibly disgusting. Ick. :)

    About your identity and hiding it - be whoever you need to be, or have different outlets. I really respect those who are open and honest but understand the rest of us. I have too much to lose so being careful - and protecting other people's privacy.

    I will miss pics of your kids.

  9. Great post and even better pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. this is a great post. i love how you added the children running through the water. classic summer in the city! besos!

  11. Awesome! So much to be grateful for!

    Love your banner photo too by the way!