Friday, July 17, 2009

summer in the city

it's about to pop y'all

the sky is mother of pearl
like white nights in st. petersburg
though i imagine theirs'd be more of a blue-white...

it's nighttime yet the sky glows
pregnant with moisture and electric
thunderstorms forecast for three days
but nothing yet, though you can feel it coming

i saw a flash a bit off sitting in the yard
in the middle of the city
i can sit in my backyard, shoes off
step on a slug on my way back inside
a four inch slug under my bare feet in new york city

and now as i sit to type
thunder rolls
and it's about to pop

three days ago i was
out of here

my tightest ties coming undone

and now the storm of summer in new york city is about to blow

a yinka shonibare MBE exhibit opened
and yesterday a show in brooklyn
free swim (sorta) classes for the kids

friends from school and $1.50
tamales at a bagel shop of all places

i was oughta here
but the lid's about to blow
and i don't want to miss a thing


  1. It's raining here, right now. The frogs are croaking and it's a gentle rain, the sky is gray like pewter but there is no lightening, no crack or flash. Just dripping and thrumming and the receiving of the water by the earth.
    I like thinking of you in the city, waiting for the lightening, waiting for the storm.

  2. Why is that 'I'm out of here' feeling so energizing?

  3. ms moon-the storm seemed to head in someone else's direction. i'm not quite sure what to make of it.

    steph-perhaps 'i'm out of here' is a familiar refuge for you as well?